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The is an indicator of a new dawn; an opportunity to create something new and to deliver on our unlimited potential. It encourages contemplating new ideas, new hopes, new ventures and newer ways to improve ourselves. It also signifies that we are an open organization firmly on the path of innovation, development and growth for all parties associated with us, be it our shareholders, our employees, our business partners and the society at large.

The conch shell signifies a celebratory sound; a thank you note for the opportunity of existence. It also signifies a call to action, to execute, to deliver, to convert visions and dreams into reality. The upward direction of the conch shell indicates a growth path that we are firmly following. The conch shell has been marked in 3 parts to indicate the three dimensions of every individual; contribution to the material self, contribution to the spiritual self and contribution to society as a whole. It is derived from the 3 planes of existence; knowledge, execution & reflection.